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“ Here, I will share a bit of my journey. For years, I was happy to do something for everyone but never myself. I was happy to put others ahead. For years, I remained inward, never showing myself my best self. You may be saying “I’m not good enough”. Listen, nobody is good enough. The world is not waiting for you to be good enough. The world wants people who do, even if they fail. You’ll not understand how best to treat others unless you treat yourself in the best ways first. To all you afraid to be seen or heard because you feel inadequate, insecured, too afraid to expose your vulnerability. Listen, all of us experience that fear, but we have to do what we ought to do regardless. To hell with fear, most of which doesn’t exist anyway. Do it now. Take that first step and live fearless

Shakiru(deen) Akinyemi, Lead Creative, Korkor Films

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Awudu Tijani, 'Life On The Road'

The man who directed vehicular traffic in Ghana's capital Accra for two decades, and whose ambition was to become a police officer.